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Did you take your haiku this morning?

Posted by Plish on September 25, 2008

A key aspect to keeping a creative edge is to challenge your mind with new creative experiences.   One way of doing this is to compose a poem that strictly adheres to rules of construction.  Free-form poetry is not what we are talking about here.  We want structure for purposes of this exercise. One such literary form is the  Haiku – poems that are structured 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.   Traditionally haiku are about nature, but for keeping our brains finely tuned for creativity,  we can compose them about anything. 

Before composing your daily haiku look at something as opposed to just letting visual stimulation hit your eyes.  Really look at something.  Let your mind run wild with metaphor for what you see.  Pick some aspect of what you see and use that as the focal point of your haiku. 

Remember, it’s 5-7-5.  Try to have the last line summarize the first two lines.

It’s been my experience that with only a couple daily doses of haiku you’ll find yourself composing them quicker and more of them!  The best news is that they get better and more profound.  I look forward to hearing of your experiences with this!


Fountain within deepest depth

Refreshes the world


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