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Are you creative?

Posted by Plish on September 29, 2008

Creativity is not something that is passed on to some people but not others.  All people by nature are creative.  That means that if you’re reading this, or even understanding it because someone else is communicating this to you via voice or sign, you are a creative being!

“If I’m creative,” you say, “why don’t I come up with brilliant ideas?”

First, every day you are conceiving new ideas and using them to get through your day efficiently.  It’s just that they’re not high profile ideas in the world of corporate America.  That’s ok!  You’re still being creative! 

Second, if you think you’re not creative, or even questioning the fact you’re creative, you are breaking the link to your Creative origins and your creativity will falter. 

I invite you to go for a walk in the woods, or somewhere in nature.  Pay attention to that little corner of the Cosmos you find yourself in.  Absorb and soak up the experience of being a human in nature.  You are not outside of this unfolding dynamic drama that started with a bang millions of years of ago. You are a part of it!!  A conscious part of it!  

Cultures spanning the globe have referred to this universe as Creation – it is a reflection of Creativity.  As we live and love, we build upon and within Creation, we co-create and even pro-create.  As the universe unfolds in its splendor, we contribute to this unfolding!  If that isn’t being creative then I don’t know what is!

So stop doubting that you’re creative.  Accept it as your nature! Rejoice in it!  Then share it and your family, neighborhood, country, world, and universe will be better for it.


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