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Case Study: There’s Madness in the Method(TM)…

Posted by Plish on October 20, 2008

One way to come up with new ideas for products, or to just think creatively, is to look at existing products and see what can be done to improve them.

I had just worked on my car and and went in to wash my hands.  With slightly oil soaked hands I went to the bathroom to wash up.  I quickly plunged a dollop of my favorite Method™ soap into my palm.  Method™ soaps are cool, pure and simple.  They smell great while not being too feminine for a man and the packaging is hip with a splash of fun thrown in. 

I was disappointed then when an obvious flaw in the product became apparent.  Before I mention it, take a look at the pic and tell me if you can see what the issue is (It’s the soap on the left). 

Where is the madness in the Method(TM)?

Where is the madness in the Method(TM)?

Guess it?

The problem is the cool logo on the top of the bottle.  It’s raised ever so slightly.  When a dirty hand is placed on top of the bottle, dirt gets packed into the edges of the raised logo.  In a twist of irony, while the soap got my hands clean (and it DID do a great job), the bottle top got dirty and the raised edges of the logo made it extremely difficult to clean.  I had to scrub the soap bottle dispenser with soap to clean it.  That’s not cool.

I put an empty bottle from another company for comparison in the pic.  If the top gets dirty on that one, what do I do?  Wipe it and it’s done.  Two seconds of work.

A key to being creative is to keep your eyes open for ways of improving things.  What would you do to this bottle to keep the coolness factor but make it easier to clean?


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  1. Just checking to see who was on Alpha Inventions and found your blog. Thanks for visiting, and keep up the work. Good Job.

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