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Case Study: Robotic Walking-Assist Device

Posted by Plish on November 8, 2008

ASIMO, The Forerunner of This Device

ASIMO, The Forerunner of This Device

Honda's Robotic Assist Device
Robotic Assist Device From Honda


Kudo’s to Honda for leveraging their Asimo technology and adapting it to direct human application!   Show’s again how utilizing an existing technology and simply tweaking it can result in a radically new and exciting device.    From the Google Press Release:

The 6.5 kilogramme (14.3-pound) device — consisting of a saddle, leg-like frames and shoes — can reduce the load on users’ legs while walking or climbing and descending stairs by supporting bodyweight, Honda said.

Honda said the motor-powered machine is still at an experimental stage, but elderly people and people undergoing rehabilitation who need support for their leg muscles and joints are the main target.

The device is also expected to help assembly workers to keep a crouching position, Honda said, adding that it plans to test the device at one of its factories north of Tokyo.

Just goes to show that it’s not about being “outside the box” per se, but more like bringing the contents of two boxes into a room and dumping the contents of both on the table!

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