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Fly Me To The Moon, Baby!

Posted by Plish on November 20, 2008

Sometimes we think there is no way to improve on a technology, no way to to make it more human, more beautiful, more zen.  Sometimes it seems like there is an impenetrable wall to advancement.  Today’s case study shows otherwise.

Duck Young Kong's, "Lunar Baby Thermometer"

The Lunar Baby Thermometer

This wonderful, ergonomic, new forehead thermometer just SCREAMS human touch! Designed by Duck Young Kong, this design is simple, elegant and just plain cool.  It is almost like there isn’t a thermometer there and yet the person takes the temperature and touches the patient in a loving manner.

The exercise in creativity for today?  Find something commonplace and redesign it.  There’s always room for improvement.


One Response to “Fly Me To The Moon, Baby!”

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