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Creating a Creative Team -First Step Towards Innovation

Posted by Plish on December 18, 2008

Your Next Brainstorm Location? (Courtesy of GothamGazette.com)

Your Next Brainstorming Room (Courtesy of gothamgazette.com)

Excellent article here continuing the theme of empowering people to be creative so that innovation thrives.

I love the fact that there is a Nike team that brainstorms on a Subway once a week. I think it’s a great way to get people to interact and come up with ideas.

He also mentions two innovations- one well executed, the other not. The well executed one is the Listerine breath strip which took Asian spermicide technology and adapted it to a totally new market. That technology is now being used for medicine delivery as well.

The poorly executed innovation is, you guessed it: everyone’s favorite non-favorite technology…the Segway. That says it all right there.

Key take-aways from the article:

  • Creativity in the business world is a habit that can practiced and honed.
  • The practice of creativity in business should not be limited to so-called “creative types.”
  • Everybody in the company has the ability to be creative and should be encouraged.
  • Creativity in business has to add to the bottom line. That requires focus and discipline as well as skills.
  • Businesses need to give employees the skills and structure to bring change to marketplace.

In other words, don’t ignore the best thing you have going for you-Your people.


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