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Wiffiti as a Brainstorming Tool

Posted by Plish on December 22, 2008

What a wiffiti page looks like

Click this image to see my LIVE Wiffiti screen!

When great ideas strike it’s important to record them ASAP.  In a brainstorming session it’s important to capture ideas as they materialize.  It’s also important to build off of other people’s ideas on an anonymous basis.

Enter Wiffiti.

This tool enables you to capture ideas via text messages.  You simply text a message to an address and it shows up on the screen.  You can use it for yourself or as a team.  If each team member is texting their ideas (and no name codes-anonymous is better!) when they get back to their offices they can look at the screen and use it to create more ideas.

I’ve created a page for this blog so you can see it in action. You can click the above picture (or here) to see the live Zentest Screen.  Start your message with “@zentest” and then type in your message.  Send it to 25622. 

Wiffiti still isn’t configured for USCellular (which is what I have) so I have to rely on your messages to get this going.

Locamoda is the developer of Wiffiti, you can check out ways other companies have used it here.


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