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Innovation Never Sleeps, But It Does Nap…(Trends in Innovation)

Posted by Plish on December 29, 2008

One would think that innovation is first and foremost on everyone’s minds in the corporate world of the United States. Turns out that not only is it not front and center in the minds of US web surfers it actually is seasonal.

When searching on the word “innovation” in Google trends, I found that searches on the term “innovation” dip in the summer months and drastically dip in the month of December.


Perhaps even more telling is that when search volume is normalized the United States doesn’t show up in the top ten regions for searches.


Different search terms could skew the results so I checked “creativity”.


This shows the same Summer/December dips. The good news (or bad depending how you look at it), is that the US did make the top ten regions for search volume.


Also of note is that the general trends for search volume and news references are going down and up respectively.

What about “entrepreneur”?



Again, the US vanishes from the top 10 list.




Just for kicks I cross-indexed “Sex” (red is the curve for sex) against “Innovation”:


Finally here are the results for “clothes”:



What is your take on this?


2 Responses to “Innovation Never Sleeps, But It Does Nap…(Trends in Innovation)”

  1. I just wanted to comment because I said I would. Truthfully, the graphs scare me. It looks exactly like my heart rate prior to my last knee surgery.

    I wonder if you could hook me up to one of those machines to see when my creativity peaks? Probably in the winter, when I’m stuck inside waiting for yet another snow storm.

  2. Plish said

    Ha! Judging from your writings, I’m not sure your creativity is ever in too much of a lull!

    Thanks for stopping by from twitterland-you are always welcome here!

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