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Recognizing Innovation When It Lights Your Night

Posted by Plish on December 30, 2008

Santa's Innovation Partner

Santa's Innovation Partner

When people (or reindeer) have the solution to a problem, the more radical and out of the ordinary the solution, an odd thing happens — The idea, and often the idea generator,  get scoffed at and mocked. 

It takes a leader with great fortitude and an entrepreneurial spirit to spot these creative gems and give them the chance they deserve.  This article by Jacqueline Byrd, author of The Innovation Equation, uses the example of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to highlight the need for people to have the insight of Santa as he recognized the value of Rudolph’s nose. 

People often struggle to come up with the next great idea, but perhaps an equal challenge is to recognize other ideas, and people, as having their own unique brilliance–just like the brilliance of a reindeer’s nose.


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