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Creativity When In Harmony With Nature – Views of Leonardo da Vinci

Posted by Plish on January 12, 2009

“(The artist) should not seek distraction in company but live a life of complete harmony with the natural world and in the process…penetrate the outer forms of nature and discover something of its inner core. ” -Leonardo da Vinci

I was reading this tonight and it struck me in its simplicity.  

Knowledge is more than simply knowing the externals, it is a first hand deeper knowledge of the inner workings. 

Beyond the skin…

Beyond the fascia…

Beyond  the muscles…

Beyond the organs…

There is knowledge of the person–the authentic person that is more than the sum of its parts.

Da Vinci, and all great artists, all great creative minds, all great innovators, are great because they are in tune with the deeper harmony of the world, they acknowledge the human person in all its facets, and their creative work is a dialogue with the Human Person, with Nature, seeking not to overpower but to understand and elevate.

What are the implications of this type of perspective for today’s day and age?


7 Responses to “Creativity When In Harmony With Nature – Views of Leonardo da Vinci”

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  2. Plish said

    Your sites are great-thanks for sharing and best of luck in your business! That’s great when people dig your stuff and are suggesting you sell it-it’s a great sign.

    Again, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I stopped in, finding your site listed on Kasumi-Gakure. I am truly fascinated, and that is a hard thing to do… acquire and hold my attention. Da Vinci was a brilliant scholar and scientist of the times, I admire his ambition and agree with him thoroughly.

  4. Plish said

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! Who else are you inspired by in the way that Da Vinci inspires you?

  5. lila said

    Do you think he new plants well?

  6. lila said

    Could he tell wich were ok to eat or not

  7. Plish said

    There are greater authorities on his work, but judging from his sketches and his general attitude towards science I would say “yes” he knew alot about botany. He definitely used plants for their symbolic value in paintings. Other great sketches are here.

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