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Toyota’s “Why Not?” Innovation Contest

Posted by Plish on January 17, 2009

Click the pic to check out Toyota's "Why Not?" Contest

Check out Toyota's "Why Not?" Contest

Always looking  out for the next best thing, Toyota has developed an innovation webportal where people can suggest innovations and possibly win a tour of their Kentucky plant plus a meeting in NY City with some of the most influential innovators in the country.

The website is pretty cool and it’s nice to just listen to the sounds of nature there…

The contest ends March 31, 2009.


9 Responses to “Toyota’s “Why Not?” Innovation Contest”

  1. JOHN RAYNOR said

    Construct a canal from Gulf of California to Salton Sea to Death Valley, bring water to dry South West for desalination, and creating an inland sea in area for development.

  2. JOHN RAYNOR said

    Use boreing machines to construct tunels from California base side of Sierrias to the top back side of mountians on Nevada side and install electrical generating turbins in the tunals to produce power. There would be a constant flow of air due to pressure differential, thermal raise and venturie affect.

  3. Plish said

    Cool ideas John!! I hoped you shared these on the Toyota site!

  4. Kevin said

    This is pretty cool… do they have a place where people interact with others, like a forum?

  5. Plish said

    Not really, but people can rate each other’s innovations and you can read what everyone else has entered. Just try clicking on the various parts of the landscape!
    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Build a light distribution system that can distribute sunlight and artificial light either singly or in combination – solar hybrid lighting.

  7. Plish said

    Walter, VERY cool idea! I was actually thinking today (I am totally serious) about how to pipe light to areas of my property so I can have a garden as most of my property is in shade. Make sure you mention this on the Toyota page!

    Thanks for the contribution!

  8. What you are doing here is amazing, my school’s club loves reading your stuff and discussing it! Keep it up we need more.

  9. Plish said

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’d be more than happy to come by and do a workshop sometime. All the best!

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