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Innovation is Easy! Video Reminder from Tom Peters

Posted by Plish on February 11, 2009

Great perspectives on innovation, on the need to blaze ones own trail and take advantage of the “fringes.”

He’s got an especially interesting point on benchmarking and how by benchmarking we essentially are trying to create a product that is as good or better than something that is better now,  releasing it ‘x’ years from now when that benchmarked product is now ‘x+y’ years old (where y is the age of the product when it was benchmarked).

What are your thoughts on this video?


One Response to “Innovation is Easy! Video Reminder from Tom Peters”

  1. Tom Peters: Innovation is Easy!…

    Found this fun video of Tom Peters, from a tweet by @ellennaylor who found it from a blogger, @plish. (Love how that works.) Key messages: Being remarkable is about being original–originally you. Don’t follow the pack. Take the lead. Hang……

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