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Finding The Solution That’s Right Under Your Feet

Posted by Plish on February 26, 2009


Great blog entry here  that tells the tale of rollerblades- those rollerskates that look like hockey skates. 

The story is a good one:

Someone wanted to be able to “ice” skate outdoors in the summer.

Rollerblades were born.

People loved it so much they wanted to rollerblade year round -even in the winter (which is interesting in itself because that’s when they’d be ice skating)

But, there were no places for rollerblading, until…

…someone realized sports stadiums could be used on non game days because they have extensive, flat, concrete surfaces perfect for rollerblading.

Great ideas from the start and none of them are necessarily radical.   But they’re all innovative in that they use existing technologies in totally new ways to create new skates, a new sport, and new uses for unused buildings.

Pretty cool, huh?

Do you have any examples of innovations that followed this pattern of using existing things in new ways?


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