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Guy Kawasaki On The Need To Innovate

Posted by Plish on February 26, 2009

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Came across this interview with Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, who is the founder of alltop.com.

According to Kawasaki:

Innovation isn’t a lightning bolt of inspiration in the middle of a muse. More often than not, it’s a process of grinding, cogitating, and doubting. There truly is no shortcut to innovation.

True indeed!

He continues:

The most beautiful trend in innovation is that it’s getting cheaper to innovate for many types of products. Two gals in a garage using MySQL, PHP, Rails, and WordPress can do a lot of damage now-indeed, this puts large companies at risk. A second beautiful trend is that you can deploy innovation faster and cheaper now with Web-based products and services compared to the old days when you physically shipped out upgrade kits and manuals.

Very accurate as well.

What I would like to add though, is that people need to to innovate outside the internet as well and the road seems more rocky for them and harder to chart.    I realize this interview is in an IT magazine, but in general, it seems to me that innovation is become more synonymous with techinnovation.  I believe this is happening because, as Kawasaki pointed out, tech innovation is more accessible to the masses-  heck we use it every day!

Then there is the financial allure of getting out of the corporate craziness…

So, given what Kawasaki points out about innovation, especially in the tech realm, my challenge to all is this:

How can innovation that is not web based get the same leverage as web-based, tech innovations with low start up costs, low overhead, etc?


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