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Feb 27th, National Doodle Day in the UK

Posted by Plish on February 27, 2009

Click to go to the National Doodle Day page!

Click to go to the National Doodle Day page!

OK, so what’s the significance of this you may well ask?

Fascinating research shows that people who doodle while doing boring tasks actually had better recall of events that transpired during the doodle session than non-doodlers. 

Why does it work?

I have my own theory that diverges  from the theory proposed in the paper.  Instead of doodling being an attention focusing mechanism, I think the brains of the doodlers (if checked on a functional MRI) would show those areas of the brain responsible for written language lighting up-it’s like taking notes! 

Only no one can read what you wrote-but the act of writing helped burn info into your mind.

The important take-away is it shows the importance of doodling for retention of information. 

It would be a great study to look at doodling’s impact on idea generation; in other words, if someone doodled while trying to come up with ideas, does he/she come up with more ideas than non-doodlers? 

I would say, “yes.”

Do you find doodling helps with your memory retention?


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