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People + System + Passion = Successful Culture of Innovation

Posted by Plish on March 5, 2009

The Underdogs Win It All

The Underdogs Win It All

People of the United States love the underdog.

People of the United States put “A” performers on pedestals.

Therein lies the basis of an schizophrenic dichotomy in the American Spirit.

Underdogs, by definition are not “A” performers. 

And, since everybody loves winners, we’d rather not be the underdog; we’d rather stack our deck with “A” performers because it increases our odds of not losing.

Not losing is not the same as winning – as rocking the world.

Sports history is full of stories of teams that are full of “B” and “C” performers, but yet they win it all (the picture of the USA Hockey “Miracle on Ice” is one such team). 

There are also stories of teams (The New York Yankees come to mind, there are others) who consistently have “A” performers but they come up short.  Why is that?

Being a winning team is about being creative, innovative, realistic, passionate and oriented towards success.

Oriented towards success?

It means that everyone on the team is firing on all cylinders, that the modus operandi of the team is tuned to success; people play to their strengths, not their weaknesses, there is a system of success at work.

Creativity and innovation are percolating in your organization.  Look at your teams and follow the GROW!™ Process.

You’ve hired people for a reason.

They’re your lifeline

They’re your innovation

What are your thoughts on team dynamics and the need for “A” players in order to achieve success?


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  1. HAZEM said

    Very Nice Blog.. with my best wishes.


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