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Mindmapping as a Creativity Tool

Posted by Plish on March 21, 2009


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Mindmaps are cool.

I’ve used them for this blog, for presentations, for compiling thoughts on research, even to map myself!

While we all want to be cool and high tech and use mindmapping software (of which there is plenty-just google it), drawing them often can have more impact, plus it’s easier to let our creativity and color run wild. Images and color do a better job of stimulating new ideas than plain text.

If you want to see some amazing hand drawn mindmaps and learn more about this art/tool, check out this blog

There is a profound piece there entitled “The Qualities of Leonardo Da Vinci”.  It’s well worth reading and meditating upon.

What are your thoughts on mind maps?


5 Responses to “Mindmapping as a Creativity Tool”

  1. Editor said

    Mind Maps are great creative development an innovative tools. If you haven’t use a Mind Map then you really are missing out on the huge potential of the untapped creative skills and talent. http://www.destech.wordpress.com has many examples and ideas for the use of Mind Mapping. Tim

  2. Plish said

    Tim, I totally agree. Thanks for the link – great stuff there! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. hennenberg said

    Do you know the mindmap method of presentation? It’s very easy to use. I did mindmap photo presentations for my diploma and it looked fantastic. Program i used called ConceptDraw Mindmap.

  4. Plish said

    Really interesting tool. Thanks for sharing. I know Vue has a way to make a presentation within its environment (doesn’t do PPT export) and it’s free. Will have to play with the demo version of ConceptDraw and see if it justifies the $200 price tag.
    Thanks again!

  5. […] between a concept map  (I love  Cmap and VUE, both of which keep getting better and better!)and a mind map.  (A great list of Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping software is here.)  If you want to easily […]

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