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Out of the Minds of Babes – Lessons From Innovating Children

Posted by Plish on March 27, 2009

Spencer Rocco Whale And His Invention

Spencer Rocco Whale And His Invention

Children are



they invent things,

toys, games, friends, and…

 …medical devices…

This story of Spencer Rocco Whale’s trip to a hospital is both heartwarming and a lesson for all of us.

Spencer wasn’t a patient, he was a visitor.

In his own words: “Kids hospitalized with serious health conditions still like to play.”

His idea?

Attaching the IV pole to a kiddie car so children can tool around with IV’s attached but not their parents.

Some great lessons here:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the user – really-vicariously look at the situation. (His quote says it all!)
  2. Pay attention to the needs of everyone involved! (Not just the children but the parents as well)
  3. If there is an intermediary in a system, try to eliminate it (In this case the parent running alongside with an IV pole)
  4. Improving quality of life can often be achieved through eliminating constraints
  5. Keep your eyes open for ways to help others

If you’re going to keep your eyes open, make sure you’re looking with the eyes of a child…


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