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Creative Blackout! to Increase Your Creativity

Posted by Plish on April 27, 2009

On November 4th, Alabama artists are tuning out technology so they can tune in to their art.

On November 4th, Alabama artists are tuning out technology so they can tune in to their art.

First let me make it clear that by ‘Creative Blackout’ I don’t mean getting drunk/high/stoned until passing out.

What I do mean is taking time to be creative.  It’s about turning everything off and tuning in to your creative abilities.

In Alabama, the Layman Group is doing a Creative Blackout on November 4th.


Just you…ART…and CREATIVITY.

Paint a picture, write a story, make a sculpture, choreograph a dance, take an arts class, write a song…anything your artistic heart desires.

 The lesson learned from this idea is a great one and one that all people need to heed.

A quote from their newsletter says it all:

Art is one of the most effective tools which we can use to better see ourselves, to do the work of becoming a better…or let’s say…more complete person.  Becoming “more complete” is an ideal not reserved for artists alone, and it’s that stereotype we wish to dilute; that impression (that the) everyday person, the layman, (has) no ambition to explore what’s great within them, even outside of “what they do” or what they’re “known for.” We feel that passion to expand perspective and understanding is a natural need for all humans, and Art is the antidote for quenching that need. Therefore, Art IS relevant to us all. Humans, all humans, naturally want and seek out newness, and clarity, knowledge, and mediums to express.

In short, we need to take time to be with our creative selves if we expect to be wonderfully creative-and that applies to all of us.

Even if you’re not from Alabama, remember to take the time for the  creative blackout on November 4th.  Better yet, make some time everyday to be creative – grab an instrument, sing, grab a crayon and paper, dance across the kitchen…

…better yet…

… do all of the above!


7 Responses to “Creative Blackout! to Increase Your Creativity”

  1. Catherine Carey said

    Fantatic post! “Take time to be with our creative selves,” is what I blogging about tomorrow so your post is perfect. I’m sure my readers will like it so look for a link tomorrow.

    Thank you for writing what I was thinking better than I wrote it myself!


  2. Plish said

    Thanks Catherine for the kind words and link! Looking forward to your blog post!! (and thanks for stopping by!)

  3. […] Plish wrote what I’m thinking better than I did, https://zenstorming.wordpress.com/2009/04/27/creative-blackout-to-increase-your-creativity/. […]

  4. tilly said

    Gosh- in a perfect world I would cut out the TV ipod computer chatter and listen to my soul.

  5. Plish said

    🙂 Nothing to add 🙂

  6. We are so excited that the BUZZ is growing about this project!

    Keep spreading the word!


    The Layman Group

  7. Plish said

    Great idea you got going–Rock On!

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