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Are You Creative in Analog or Digital? – Lessons from Barbara Ann…

Posted by Plish on May 14, 2009

In the realm of music there is an ongoing discussion about the value of analog over digital, or vice-versa.

As a participant in the music industry,  when digital came on the scene, I too was caught up in the hysteria – the quest for ever cleaner recordings, the quest for the ultimate music experience brought to us courtesy of the digital revolution. 

In this realm I was a slow adopter.  My first CD was mastered in analog but released digitally.  To some extent I still think of analog as warm and inviting, and digital as cold and truncated.  Nevertheless, I record now in digital because it enables me to have the freedom to record, experiment and release my music quicker and easier than before. 

But the argument rages on -what is superior, digital or analog?

Barbara Ann…

It was recorded by The Regents and made it to #13 on the charts in 1961.  You probably haven’t even heard that version.

The  Beach Boys recorded it 4 years later and it rose to #2 in the US.

The song is catchy, annoying, fun and definitely lo-fi.  It was recorded in analog, in the middle of a party.  It’s not tight musically speaking, it’s loose yet wonderfully so.  Barbara Ann is not digital.

Creativity can be analog or digital.  It can be fun or it can be truncated.  It can be the wonderful result of people doing what they do best and enjoying it or it can be mechanical and contrived – bits of dispassionate information stacked together to create something new.

Creativity doesn’t need iPhone Apps to be able to be done effectively.

Creativity can be done without web-based mind maps.

Creativity can be lo-fi; it can be filled with chatter, with laughter, with cooperation and brilliant spontaneous, improvisational insights.

Mindblowing ideas and staying power in the market, comes not from ultimate technical productions but from passionate people who create in the midst of their humanness and in so doing, connect with others souls.

So how will you create –

-in analog or digital?


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