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People of Hope are More Creative

Posted by Plish on June 14, 2009


hope michaelplishka2009

Came across this interesting blog post over at “Innovation in Practice”.

There was a study done which showed that people with hope filled perspectives were more creative (and hence are more innovative as well.) 

The goal then, for management, should be creating and instilling hope through the ranks of the organization.

How does one instill hope? 

While that can be difficult to pin down, there are some great perspectives and suggestions in this article on instilling hope:

  1. Managers should lead by example and be hopeful
  2. The workplace should be a positive place to work
  3. The workplace shouldn’t have an environment of fear
  4. Blame shouldn’t be part of the environment
  5. Everyone should be treated with the same respect regardless of  ‘rank’
  6. Help employees to do the best job possible
  7. Include employees in the goal setting process
  8. Create a common, shared vision

To this list I would also add:  Instill a culture where constant improvement is the goal and empower the employees to be able to make those changes.

What else would you say should be done to create a culture of hope?


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