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Want to Take Courses From MIT?

Posted by Plish on June 15, 2009


This is really cool and a great resource.

MIT is providing lecture notes, exams and videos for many courses for free.  Yup. Not one cent.  You don’t even have to register!

Just show up and start learning. 

While you can’t receive any type of certificate or degree, it’s worth diving into these courses to broaden your horizons.  They also provide suggestions for reading materials.

To get more out of this experience, I recommend you call together some friends and pick a class.  Learning together is more fun and a great way to learn.  Plus, you can take your virtual class in the direction you want it go.

If you go that route, let me know – I just might join you!


2 Responses to “Want to Take Courses From MIT?”

  1. Tim said

    Thank you for this information…it looks pretty substantial. I just wrote a blog post about Do It Yourself Learning last week. You’ve got some really cool topics on your blog, I’ll be back.

  2. Plish said

    Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is cool as well – thanks for the lead and looking forward to seeing you around!

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