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Make Any Surface a “White Board” Surface

Posted by Plish on July 12, 2009

I really like dry-erase whiteboards.

They’re great for brainstorming, sketching up ideas, keeping track of deliverables in projects, and they’re wonderfully, (though sometimes too easily and other times impossibly) erasable.

Now you can turn any surface (usually a wall) into a dry-erase whiteboard with Idea Paint (Thanks to the W5 Blog!).

While I may paint a wall in the office, this has gotten me thinking beyond usage on walls…there’s some cool potential here.

How can you see this being used?


5 Responses to “Make Any Surface a “White Board” Surface”

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  2. Jon said

    If you didn’t want to go the paint way, here’s a product that’s amazing and will last forever.

  3. Plish said

    Very cool! I like it!

  4. MicisBno4 said

    Interesting article. Thank you for posting

  5. […] years back, I blogged about IdeaPaint’s Whiteboard […]

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