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Want to be an Innovation Powerhouse? Take a Vacation!

Posted by Plish on July 14, 2009

Great article over at the Huffington Post about the need for people to take vacations. 

In fact, in the US, only 14% of the people take a two week vacation every year, not to mention that many of those might be taking along their Blackberries and iPhones.

Vacations are not a nicety-they’re a necessity!

In order to be creative/innovative, your body and brain need downtime-they need to disconnect from their problems in order to be more effective at solving them.

If the US is going to be an innovative powerhouse, the people here need to learn to chill.

So, my suggestion to you is this.  If you’re reading this and working – take a vacation.

If you’re reading this while on vacation – Thank you – but SHAME ON YOU!

PS – Please drop me a post card from your vacation spot 😉


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