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Cool New Patent Analysis Tool

Posted by Plish on August 13, 2009

Over on LinkedIn I came across a new website that offers some intriguing Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition webtools.  But the one I like the most is the Patent Search tool that not only shows patents in the field you’re looking in but allows you to get an approximation of the value of each patent.

For illustration purposes I  ran a search for U.S. patents that have the terms “Camera” and “Flexible”  in the Abstract. The results are shown below:


The results show the following:

1. If a box is outlined, it means the patent in that row belongs to the subclass of the column.

2. The number in the column/row intersection is equal to the number of subclasses in the patent plus the number of patents from the search that are in that subclass.  The higher this number, the more valuable the patent can be seen to be.

3. The shade of blue helps carve out islands of similar groups of numbers.

After you run this search you can check on the patents you’d like to look at more and click the ‘Find Similar’ button to obtain a sorting operation.

Personally I like this engine.  I even found some other patents that didn’t show up when doing other web based searches.  I also like how the various relationships between various patents and classes are depicted.  It does give a great lay of the land in that respect.   It also excels in showing where there might be holes in the patent landscape.

After talking to the developers of this tool, they made it clear that they have much more in pipeline from a development perspective, so this search engine is destined to become cooler and more useful still.

9 Responses to “Cool New Patent Analysis Tool”

  1. Nice post – it’s always fun to come across a new patent search/analysis tool! We created a wiki page for this tool over on Intellogist.com, at http://www.intellogist.com/wiki/PatentBrain.2, and the creator has added some information about the theory behind the tool.

    We host a discussion forum for thoughts and perspectives on patent search tools as well, at http://www.patentguild.net/wiki/Special:AWCforum. We’d love to have you stop by!

  2. Plish said

    Hi Kristin! Thanks for the links. Intellogist seems very useful- I’ve booked marked it. I stopped by at the forum and it tells me I’m ‘Forbidden’ to have access. 😉 Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Hi Plish,

    I am so sorry, I posted an incorrect link to the forum. Our forum is actually available at http://www.intellogist.com/wiki/Special:AWCforum. I copied the link from my browser but I was looking at the wrong site!

    Sorry about that!!!

  4. Plish said

    Thanks for the corrected link! Much appreciated!

  5. Ronen said

    Personally, I like the new tool a lot. I’ve been using it for searching fir quite a while now, and just like Plish said, and I do occasionally get surprised… especially when there are many sub-classes and many secondary classes to patents. BTW, they also got an Esp@cenet searching tool, at http://braindot2.com/Patents/indexW.html, and explanation pages at http://braindot2.com/node/19

  6. Plish said

    Thanks Ronen for the additional info and insights! All the best!

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