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Improving the Experience of Victimhood – Creative Customer Service

Posted by Plish on August 17, 2009

A "Certificate of Robbery"

A "Certificate of Robbery"

It’s not often that we think of creativity as being applied to crime. Check that.  Criminals seem to be pretty good at being creative.  What they’re usually not creative at is helping their victims…

Except for Ukrainian Pirates. These folks bring customer service to a new level.

As Ukraine’s borders opened in the 90’s, entrepreneurial merchants in Ukraine travelled regularly on buses to central European countries to obtain goods to resell in Ukraine.   The routes of these trips became well known to bandits of the underground who would raid the buses on their return legs and take the goods.  That’s all well and good but additional robbers would come by at other points of the journey home  and pirate the same bus again…and again…leaving everyone frustrated.

Enter the enterprising crooks. 

To prevent any misunderstandings with future bandits ‘Certificates of Robbing’ were issued to the victims after they were robbed.  That way, when the bus was stopped again by wouldbe pirates, the certificates were presented thus assuring the crooks that yes, this bus had been robbed and nobody was hiding anything.

There’s a lesson here about creative customer service….



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