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Solve Your Own Problems, and You Solve Mine – The Birth of the Safety Tat

Posted by Plish on December 18, 2009

Losing a child in a large public area is every parent’s nightmare.

Michele Welsh took am interesting approach when she took her children to an amusement park – she wrote her cell phone number on her kids’ arms.

This solved the problem in the short-term but the fact that passerby’s at the park loved what Welsh did, spawned an idea for the future: the Safety Tat.

Once again, an inventor mom parlayed a common fear among parents into a viable, simple and ingenious product.

Instead of writing a contact number directly on the skin, parents  buy pre-made or blank labels that can be placed on a child and removed when needed (though it might be a good idea to put the tatoo where the kids can’t pick at them).

What’s the main lesson here?

We so often get commissioned to solve other people’s problems (or we simply choose to solve other people’s problems) we forget that innovations often come from solving our own problems. 

While each of us are unique,  the day to day problems we encounter while just living or working are not.

Our problems are very often other people’s problems. 

 Solve our problems and voila!

You’ve come up with a solution for a lot of people.

It’s a simple recipe that often pays rich dividends!

One Response to “Solve Your Own Problems, and You Solve Mine – The Birth of the Safety Tat”

  1. Now, there’s an idea! Never thought of that. 🙂

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