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10 Life Lessons from the NICU= 10 Lessons for Innovative Design

Posted by Plish on February 22, 2010

I came across this amazing post over at Christine Kane’s blog.

Sue Ludwig, the founder of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists, enumerates 10 lessons she learned from the patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Having done research in the NICU myself, so many of the observations resonated personally.  What really hit me though is that Sue has hit on important points that should be part of all design projects, not just in the healthcare setting but all designs that impact people.

1. Humans are constantly  ‘in process’.

2. Be open to various forms of communication: Experience what is being communicated in multiple ways, not what you’d like to perceive.

3. Environment is important!

4. ~Human touch is essential~

5. Bonding and enjoyment comes from food and social interaction.

6. Make room for the Human Spirit!

7. Comfort/Sleep/Healing – Everyone needs them.

8. Fragility and Strength are at the core of Human Beauty and independent of the size of the person.

9. Great insights like those above come from being immersed in your world, from observing and reflecting on those experiences, from being in awe of life.

10. If you forget the first eight, remember and live number nine and the rest will come to you.

2 Responses to “10 Life Lessons from the NICU= 10 Lessons for Innovative Design”

  1. That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

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