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13 Rules for Being a More Innovative, Creative, You

Posted by Plish on July 31, 2010

On this, my 47th birthday, as others¬†lavish gifts upon me in their kindness, I’m writing this column as my gift to you.¬†¬† Want to be more innovative?¬† Want to be more creative? Want to be a better you?¬† I pondered these questions; I’ve thought about what’s worked in my life,¬†and what hasn’t.¬† So far, here’s a list of what works:

  1. Be passionate about what you do.¬† Ultimately it’s you that motivates you.
  2. Be authentic.¬† Kind of like #1 but it’s about acknowledging who you are in all your various facets and embracing you.¬† You are your brand. Rock the world with it.
  3. Don’t let others bring you down.¬† I don’t care if it’s your boss or the president or a family member.¬† Rise above – you’re the best you.¬† You made a mistake? So what.¬† (See Rules #7, #8, #11, #12)
  4. Get plenty of sleep.¬† Seriously. It will help in¬†synthesizing ideas.¬† Also, ¬†when you sleep you…
  5. Dream.¬† Do it while you’re awake.
  6. Take time off from your work.¬† Hike, pray, meditate, play.¬†¬†Get¬†some of the benefits of sleep but you’re conscious.
  7. Be curious. It might drive people nuts, but then you’re living according to Rule #3, right?
  8. Don’t be afraid to look like an ass.¬† This might seem like #3 but it’s not.¬† This is about doing things that you think others are looking at you funny about.¬† It’s got nothing to do about what others have said or done.
  9. Have empathy for others.  Tolerance is the easy way out.   Empathy.
  10. Revel in your successes!¬† Don’t look ahead to the next challenge without appreciating what you’re doing,¬†and have done, to get to the now.
  11. Don’t be afraid to try things and make mistakes.¬†¬† It’ s important because we not only learn from successes we…
  12. Learn from mistakes. 
  13. Love=Service

Are there any that you would add?

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