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A Botched Blog Entry and Creativity via Suzanne Vega

Posted by Plish on October 9, 2010

 Technology is great, but sometimes, you hit a button and it sends something someplace you didn’t intend. This post is a perfect case in point.   I intended this post to go only to this blog (where you can read what I wrote), but alas, it ended up here, at ZenStorming.   

The concert was quite amazing in that what are usually heavily orchestrated arrangements were actually quite sparse.  There was a level of dynamics present and layering that made the three piece band of guitar, bass and electric guitar, sound full, lush and inviting.  When I saw Ms. Vega after the concert I said,

“Tonight the layers of dynamics were more engaging than the layers of instruments.” She smiled and thanked me and said, “We have to get more creative when we have less to work with.”

“It’s the constraints that make the creativity,” I answered.

Her face lit up, “That’s it!” 

A lesson in innovation and creativity even from a technological mishap.  Ain’t technology grand?


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