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Brilliant Insights Into Creativity, Experience and Human Nature From Joe Howard

Posted by Plish on November 18, 2010

I came across this article/video over at the Jerusalem Post -it’s a short interview with Joe Howard, an archaeologist turned advertiser.  Amazing insights into creativity and creating engaging experiences.  So, I followed the links and came across a three part keynote address.  I’ve put all three parts here for your convenience.  Each piece is about 9 minutes long and contains observations into human nature, creativity, idea generation and more.   Do yourself a favor and watch.  It’ll be time well spent, and you’ll probably find yourself at least a little inspired as well.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


4 Responses to “Brilliant Insights Into Creativity, Experience and Human Nature From Joe Howard”

  1. […] Brilliant Insights Int&#959 Creativity, Experience &#1072nd Human Nature … […]

  2. And now how to deal with the mind.

    1. One should maintain a fair degree of enthusiasm in order to keep the mind free from being sick. How well
    it has been said that success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

    2. It is significantly true that we are the way we are made. Each individual, we are told by science, is
    genetically programmed. Yeh, there is an element of independent will present in all of us. It is this
    element which needs to be exploited with conscious effort to achieve a goal.

    3. Einstein believed that the difference in the achiever and the non-achiever does not lie so much in their
    intelligence as in their “attention – span“. As and when we declare something as beyond us, that is the time
    to persist.

  3. ilan peer said

    I’ve been to one of his workshops.

  4. Plish said

    I’m sure his workshops must be uplifting and motivating. Have spoken to some folks here to try and bring him to the Chicago environs.
    Anything else you can share of your experience would be welcome. Thanks for stopping by!!

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