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Free, New Tool for Online Meetings/Collaboration – Try Zipcast!

Posted by Plish on February 18, 2011

Slideshare has just launched a really slick, new service called Zipcast.¬† It’s an online meeting tool.¬† It’s free and it’s simple.¬† Simply set up a free account through Slideshare¬†and you get a free meeting room.¬† Call a meeting and broadcast it on Twitter or Facebook, or keep it private and only invitees can participate.¬†¬†The fact that it’s spontaneous and doesn’t require any planning is great for initiating discussions on the fly.¬† Zipcast¬†does require that your meeting centers around¬†a Slideshare¬†‘presentation’¬†(yours or someone else’s)¬†that is already uploaded but this isn’t really negative – after all, most meetings are centered around documents¬†anyway, right?¬†

Features of Zipcast are:


  • Use any presentation: yours or someone else’s
  • Personalized meeting rooms
  • Streaming live video
  • Group chat
  • No downloads
  • Unlimited meetings & participants
  • Facebook & Twitter integration
  • Private or Public


  • Password protection
  • No ads
  • Conference call number

What does Zipcast claim it can be used for?

  1. Share ideas with remote colleagues.
  2. Launch your next product
  3. Talk at a conference remotely
  4. Teach anyone, anywhere
  5. Pitch a client
  6. Walk people over your sales deck
  7. Support your customers
  8. Run a non-profit fundraiser
  9. Share your photo albums
  10. Have fun sharing presentations

Personally I can see this being used as a great way to teach people, to give webinars for free, or to work on social innovation projects.  People could contribute to a discussion, a new presentation could be made based upon the feedback, another meeting held, and so on.  I could see this becoming a platform for online Pecha Kucha, which I would really dig.  Think about it.  You could tune in to a Pecha Kucha presentation 24-7 and not have to sit through hour long presentations.

This will obviously morph and be taken in new directions as it gets used.  I can already see an artist uploading lyrics/poetry to their Slideshare page and giving a concert/reading for anyone and everyone that will listen.

This seriously has some coolness going for it.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

3 Responses to “Free, New Tool for Online Meetings/Collaboration – Try Zipcast!”

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  3. Plish said

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