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Being In-Between: Mindfully Exploring the Space of Interaction and Innovation

Posted by Plish on April 15, 2011

This is a great, inspiring short interview with Andrew Pek, CEO of ivibeglobal.com.  Thanks to Kristina Loring of Frog Design for the interview and her update of the 2011 FUSE Conference. 

Loring shared these thoughts from Pek’s talk,” (Pek explained that) we should give pause to the constant chatter that we have with ourselves, the overlapping thoughts, and the idea that we need to constantly produce. It is in this frenzy of thought, Andrew argues, that we miss the “thoughts between thoughts” that help us tap into our creativity. ”

Thoughts between thoughts, space between words, reading between the lines.

We think that if we listen to everything said, we’ll learn all there is to know about someone, or some situation.  However, it’s understanding what’s going on in the gaps that drives creativity and propels innovative interaction. Gaps need to exist for interaction to take place – gaps in speaking, reasoning; gaps between sketches on a white board and sketches in our minds. 

Let the space exist.

Watch for gaps; listen for spaces.  Feel the pause between the lightning and the thunder, and watch the sparks of creativity fly!

(Press Arrow to Play)


All the things I don’t say,

Are they the things you feel?

The space in-between the words

are what make the sentence real.

All the things I don’t say.

Are they the things you see?

The space in-between the colors,

reveal the deeper me.

Then there’s everything I said,

you hang on every word,

I only wish it was the sounds,

of silence that you heard.

All the things I don’t say,

make it harder when apart,

to breathe the love of uncommon glances,

as we dwell in Mystery’s heart…

-“All the Things I Don’t Say” by Michael Plishka

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