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Insights Into Finding Creative Inspiration via Attendees at the Cannes Festival

Posted by Plish on June 30, 2011

From Martha Stewart to Arianna Huffington to Dennis Crowley (Four Square) and others, here’s a video of some thoughts on how these high-profile folks find creative inspiration. There are some interesting commonalities.  Most interesting is the dynamic between getting away versus bouncing ideas off others.

How do you find creative inspiration?

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A Proposed Solution for Wrong Site Surgeries

Posted by Plish on June 24, 2011

Came across this article about how current measures aren’t addressing wrong site surgeries as much as hoped.  So it got me to thinking that perhaps something like the below solution could be used to help minimize these adverse events.  The patient’s bar code is scanned and the surgery team is presented with the preferred orientation of the patient for that surgery, and the location of the surgery on the patient.  Three people, including the surgeon, have to cross-check the patient with the information presented. When all check boxes are filled, the surgery can proceed and hopefully at the proper site.

Suggestions and thoughts are welcome!!

Click for Full Size

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Innovation and Music – The “Space Palette” Paints Possibilities with Kinect

Posted by Plish on June 22, 2011

Tim Thompson has developed an amazing tool for making music….and more.

Using the Kinect system by Microsoft, Tim’s “Multi Multi Touch Touch” device (The Space Palette) is an awe-inspiring piece of work.


  • Is fun
  • Appears simple
  • Makes one scream, “I WANT ONE!”
  • Can be used alone but it’s better when used with others
  • Makes one ponder what else it could be used for

Can you think of any other innovations that have these traits?

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Insights into Creativity from Comedian, John Cleese

Posted by Plish on June 15, 2011

Some excellent observations and thoughts on Creativity. It’s not very long, take a few moments to listen to his perspectives.


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Starting an Empire – Sears’ Eye for Making People’s Lives Easier

Posted by Plish on June 9, 2011

It’s simple.

Observe>>Reflect on the Experience>>Act on the Insights(=Design Solutions).

Richard W. Sears, founder of Sears Roebuck, lived by that process.

His goal was to make life simpler for people and make a profit doing it.

In the 1880’s as the country was adopting and making sense of time zones (from 300 to four), Sears sold watches to rail travellers.  People who before had to calculate the time by looking at the sky and deduct or add a minute for every 12 miles traversed, depending on the direction being travelled.

His focus on making life easier for his customers is epitomized by this blurb in his 1908 catalog which made it clear that people didn’t have to be intimidated by the mail order process. 

Don’t be afraid you will make a mistake (on your order). We receive hundreds of orders every day from young and old who never before sent away for goods. Tell us what you want in your own way, written in any language. We have translators to read all languages.

And my favorite:

Observation: People placed their catalogs and books on coffee tables.  The books were often stacked when the house was cleaned.

Reflection on Experience: The Sears catalog had to compete with the Montgomery Ward catalog for space.  In order to get noticed, somehow the Sears catalog had to differentiate itself in some way.  As printing techniques for the catalogs were relatively simple, Sears took an entirely different route to differentiate his catalog. 

Act on the Insights:  He made the catalog smaller than the Montgomery Ward catalog so that when the catalogs were stacked on the coffee table, the Sears catalog would be placed on top. 

Building an empire is actually quite simple.

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The Contemplative Way of Design

Posted by Plish on June 4, 2011

“(Emerson wrote,)’We animate what we can, and only see what we animate.’ Contemplative beholding of art – indeed of anything – can lead to the animation of whatever is before us. New eyes, “the right eyes,” suddenly open, waking us up, and consequently awakening everything around us. ” – Physicist Arthur Zajonc in Psychology Today

Don’t just observe a situation – contemplate it.



Widen the gaze

See the relationships


Understand (With more than the mind)


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