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Innovation and Weeds

Posted by Plish on November 10, 2012

First on the scene – last to leave


Propagate brilliantly


Thrive where others struggle

Become the new ‘normal’

Difficult to get rid of


Who wouldn’t want their organization/product/service to have the above traits – to thrive like a weed in a field where others struggle?  Differentiating and proliferating, authentic and proud!


When I was younger we were on a family camping trip.  In the morning we went on a hike, escorted by a local ranger.  He would point out various plants and say, “Weed, or wildflower?” His point was that depending upon the context, one person’s weed was someone else’s wildflower.

Weeds are in the eyes of the beholder.

What do you think  Hewlett-Packard thinks Apple is?


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