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Creativity in the Silence…

Posted by Plish on August 4, 2009

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I’ve always been a huge proponent of the need to quiet one’s self…

to center

to be present in the moment with who you are

Not who you want to become

Not with what you were

But with who you are

It’s the you of the Now that is brilliantly creative

It’s the you of the Now that has the solution to your problems

The river of information flows incessantly

We draw from the river with feverish pitch

As if drought were impending

 Fear of being without…

Creativity does not flow in the din of that river of eddies and vortices!

The Silent River of Beauty…

Drink from Her…


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If a Giant Company Starts Twittering is it a Sign of Innovative Behavior?

Posted by Plish on May 21, 2009


I came across this article that asks the question, “Is Chevron, Shell’s Twittering an Innovation Indicator?”

The article discusses the variations in the two giants’ approaches and concludes that in spite of the fact that Shell uses Twitter more passively than Chevron, 


Twittering = Innovation!



Using Twitter as a channel for disseminating press releases, countering negative PR, and providing hurricane updates, is less a sign of innovative behavior and more a sign of shrewd business.

For the sake of argument, let’s use my favorite definition of Innovation.

Innovation = Creativity x Risk Taking

Applying that definition to this situation, let’s look at what these companies are doing in the following table:


You tell me, if a big company starts twittering, is it being innovative?

or smart?

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