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Creativity in the Silence…

Posted by Plish on August 4, 2009

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I’ve always been a huge proponent of the need to quiet one’s self…

to center

to be present in the moment with who you are

Not who you want to become

Not with what you were

But with who you are

It’s the you of the Now that is brilliantly creative

It’s the you of the Now that has the solution to your problems

The river of information flows incessantly

We draw from the river with feverish pitch

As if drought were impending

 Fear of being without…

Creativity does not flow in the din of that river of eddies and vortices!

The Silent River of Beauty…

Drink from Her…


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LG Design the Future Competition – The Future is Only a Phone Away

Posted by Plish on April 21, 2009


Did you ever look at your cellphone and wonder, “Why can’t it find my keys, it does everything else?”

Now’s your chance to design that key finding, ultimate phone of the future and make some money as well!

The Design the Future of Mobile Communication Competition is sponsored by LG Mobile Phones in conjunction with CrowdSPRING and Autodesk.  Over $80,000 of prizes will be awarded and Autodesk is throwing in a 15-day trial version of Sketchbook Pro so you can polish up your final submissions. Yes – submission*s*!  You can enter as often as you like!

Cash awards are as follows:

First Place: $20,000 Cash Award
Second Place: $10,000 Cash Award
Third Place: $5,000 Cash Award
40 Honorable Mentions: $1,000 Cash Award + 1 LG U.S. Phone (A.R.V. of $300)

How will this be judged?

Need Fulfillment / Market Potential (40% weight): How well does the phone address general consumer needs / frustrations?
Creativity / Originality / Innovation (30% weight): Is the idea / design unique? Does the concept convey WOW or game-changing characteristics?
Feasibility (20% weight): Can this idea / product be realistically implemented with current or near-future technology?
Polish and Appeal (10% weight): Is the idea easy to understand and aesthetically appealing? Does it have images illustrating usage scenarios?

LG is even providing cool innovation assistance with this  “How to Innovate” page to help you generate ideas.

I would also suggest (beyond the obvious of perusing this blog’s articles and references) that you visit this site that contains 160+ creativity techniques (which incidentally is taken from my resource links on the right side of this page).

You need to be 18 or over and it runs until June 7th.

Best of luck and may the best innovators win!

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