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Live the Innovator’s Spirit – Thank You, John Glenn

Posted by Plish on December 9, 2016


We can watch them and marvel, or we can ride them to the stars.

John Glenn rode them.

He piloted human innovation at the cutting edge and was rewarded with the wonder of seeing four sunsets in a day.

“I suppose the one quality in an astronaut more powerful than any other is curiosity. They have to get some place nobody’s ever been.”- John Glenn

If you want to innovate, go where someone else has never been.  Make the trail. Make your way. Explore. Prototype. Test. Don’t just dip your toe into the water.  Dive into the waves.

“We used to joke about canned men, putting people in a can and seeing how far you can send them and bring them back. That’s not the purpose of this program… Space is a laboratory, and we go into it to work and learn the new.” – John Glenn

Be part of the experience. Empathize. Understand.  The New begets The New.

“To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate.” – John Glenn

 Multiple possibilities exist.  Don’t try and predict it.  In the certain-ness of uncertainty, Make the Future.

“Fear connotes something that interferes with what you’re doing.” – John Glenn

Fear blinds. Fear creates hesitation.  The New is needed, now.  The world needs you to be fearless.

“I’m not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: ‘live-acy.’ I’m more interested in living.” – John Glenn

Live.  Don’t look back.  Look forward.  Look up, down, left, right, and within.

“We have an infinite amount to learn both from nature and from each other.” – John Glenn

Learn.  Learn what works, what doesn’t, and why.  Learn from great teachers.

Be a great teacher of Innovation!

God Speed on Wings of Angels, John Glenn.


“Old folks have dreams and ambitions too, like everybody else. Don’t sit on a couch someplace” – John Glenn, July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016

All quotes courtesy of Brainy Quote and AZ Quotes



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The “Create the Future” Design Contest is Open for Entries!

Posted by Plish on March 12, 2013

Have an idea for a cool new product, something that screams, “This is the FUTURE!”?  Then the Create the Future contest is for you, and you have until July 1, 2013 to enter!

There are eight different divisions you can submit entries to:

◦Aerospace & Defense — Product innovations with applications in the aerospace, aviation, and/or defense markets.

◦Consumer Products — Products that increase quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.

◦Electronics — Products that improve computing, communications, and other fields that rely on advances in electronic components and systems.

◦Machinery and Equipment — Products that speed and improve work, manufacturing, or scientific research processes.

◦Medical Products — Products that improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.

◦Safety and Security — Products that enhance the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

◦Sustainable Technologies — Products that help reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources, as well as products designed for other purposes using environmentally friendly materials or manufacturing processes.

◦Transportation & Automotive — Products that enable movement of people and goods from one place to another.

Your entry will be judged on:





The Grand Prize is $20,000 plus publicity.

So, give it go and good luck!!


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