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Gluten-Driven Innovation, and Entrepreneurs

Posted by Plish on April 19, 2009


Gluten Driven Innovation

Gluten Driven Innovation

I think we all have a tendency to sometimes take food for granted.  We go to a store or restaurant, see what we like and eat it.

Unfortunately there are foods that make peoples’ lives miserable.  Beyond the world of more well known allergies (as many have to peanuts), there are many less well known food sensitivities- less well known but no less prevalent – or less dangerous!  Some estimates say that one in a hundred of us is sensitive to, or intolerant of,  gluten – perhaps even to the point of having celiac disease.

Today I went to the Thrive Allergy and Gluten-Free Expo in Chicago.  It runs through Sunday.

I went because a family member was recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity/intolerance.

Far from being a place of suffering, the expo was filled with a community of people who offered support, hope and direction for those with allergies, celiac disease (and other gluten related illness), and asthma (I did a lung function test and rocked! but I digress). 

I was struck by how people have invented entirely new ways of making cookies, breads, and other foods – all without recourse to egg, dairy, gluten or nuts.  I sampled every chance I had, and rarely was I disappointed.  The comestibles tasted  good!

These foods are a testimony to the ability of people to find new ways of making things that have, in some cases for centuries, been made according to certain tried-and-true recipes.  It was fascinating to hear of the trial-and-error going on in kitchens around the world – the homespun R&D that creates delectable tidbits from raw materials that aren’t usually thought of as palatable.

And people didn’t keep the results of this R&D to themselves.   The exhibit hall was filled with testimonies to the human entrepreneurial spirit, to people who saw a void filled it.

Of these, I had discussions with two folks in particular and listened to a presentation from a third.

The first gentleman was Joel Dee, the President/CEO of Edward & Sons Trading Company.  While on  a business trip in Europe over 30 years ago, Joel sampled Read the rest of this entry »


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