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Laughter, Creativity and Innovation

Posted by Plish on October 13, 2009

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When trying to increase creative output and come up with ideas to solve sticky problems  we often look for a cool tool or app that will help us make that obtuse connection, or spur an amazing insight.  What may be more helpful is finding a video of your favorite comedy, kicking back and laughing your way to success!

There is an increasingly robust body  of research that highlights the fact that laughter is not only good for the body and soul but good for business.  People who laugh more are, in general, happier people as well.  The benefits are astounding. 

Courtesy of Helpguide.org

Courtesy of Helpguide.org

(It’s worth reading the entire article  from which the above clip was taken.)

In fact, according to this article from Paul McGhee, PhD of LaughterRemedy.com,

“There has been research since the 1950s documenting the close relationship between humor/fun and creativity. For example, simply listening to a humorous recording increases scores on a subsequently given creativity test. People also perform more creatively on a task when it is framed as “play” than when it is framed as “work.” Simply watching comedy films is enough to improve creative problem solving, and the amount of improvement is greater than after watching a serious movie.”

This is illustrated in this tidbit from FastCompany in which it was noted that the founders of DNA, “… spent a lot of time lollygagging and goofing off, going to parties and (b.s.-ing) over coffee.”

So next time someone says that you’re spending too much time laughing and you need to get serious, point them to the above resources and this amazing paper from the American Psychological Association, and tell them that seriousness won’t necessarily solve problems – but happy, laughing people will.

Science backs you up.

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