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Five Lessons from Helen Keller – Learning One Vibration at a Time

Posted by Plish on August 24, 2009

Came across the above video  over at Open Culture about how Helen Keller learned to speak.  It’s inspiring and amazing and is well worth watching.  Some takeaways:

1.  Touch is an amazingly sensitive sense and under-utilized, though some designers are catching on.

2. Instead of trying to solve a problem in its unity, break it apart into smaller pieces.  In this case, breaking speech down in three ways gives a more holistic picture of what’s going on.  It’s interesting that the tongue isn’t directly contacted and yet intelligible speech is still able to be interpreted through these three modalities (throat, lips, nose).  Perhaps if there was a way to feel the tongue without interfering with the words, speech could be learned even better?

3. People are amazingly adept at translating inputs from one realm and using it for another.

4. There are great payoffs for those who are willing to learn a little at a time, but you need to always keep the big picture in mind while learning or you’ll never get started.

5. Think of the patience and commitment of Helen Keller’s teacher! What would the world be like if everyone had that type of perspective when helping others?

What did you learn from the video?


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