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Inventables – Great Idea Resource for Innovative Product Solutions

Posted by Plish on October 15, 2009

Click here to check out the page on inventables.com

Inevitably when trying to come up with innovative ways of solving sticky problems we have those times when we say, “If only I had XYZ I could make ABC.”

Enter:  Inventables -The Materials and Technology Marketplace.

Inventables is a free site (though a Premium service is also available)  that allows someone to browse through or search for enabling materials and technologies.  It’s as simple as typing in keywords or clicking in a cloud.  

For example, the dissolving fabric pictured above is one of 146 technologies I found while doing a search on “fabric”.  A particularly pleasing feature is that the results do not only tell you how the technologies are currently being used, but you will be given possible other uses, seductively getting those creative ideas flowing.

The contents of Inventables is a veritable symphony of technologies looking for a home; or in the words of Inventables’ long term mission statement: “(Inventables provides) a living showcase of what’s possible to deliver inspiration and innovation to the dreamers of the world.”

Prepare to dream…

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