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Increasing Creativity and Memory in 30 Seconds?

Posted by Plish on February 5, 2010

There is a folk tradition that someone with shifty eyes is considered untrustworthy – as being devious or sneaky.

The truth is,  purposely shifting one’s eyes back and forth for 30 second intervals was found to increase creative output as well as memory recall.

The theory is that it boosts communication between the two halves of the brain and the increase in communication results in an increase in ideas and recall. (Or perhaps the recall of memories helps create relationships that get expressed as creative new ideas??)

To me it’s interesting that during REM sleep our eyes move from side to side.  Perhaps there is a connection between the subconscious of our dream worlds and the movement of our eyes, and perhaps this connection can be made while awake?

Interesting stuff.

Oh, and if it does boost creative thinking and memory, it also means there might be some truth to trusting someone with shifty eyes. 😉

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