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Four Key Words That Open Doors to Innovation

Posted by Plish on February 15, 2017

Robots made of water.

No, those aren’t the four words.

Researchers at MIT developed a hydrogel robot.  It’s soft.  It grips.  It’s almost invisible underwater.  In short, it’s a totally cool technology.  (Hydrogels are cool materials on their own) Now, they’re trying to understand what it can be used for.

‘Let’s play with this’. – Hyunwoo Yuk, MIT Graduate Student

Those are the four words.

Let’s play with this.

Once a technology is discovered, the challenge is often one of finding a problem to the solution.  One of the best ways to do that is to play.

What is play comprised of?

It’s essentially saying, “What if…?” and exploring.

It’s a matter of taking something and just seeing what happens when it’s subjected to some other stressors.  It’s a collision of ideas.  It’s taking what is and exploring what it may be.

The inventor of cornflakes, Keith Kellogg, left boiled wheat out overnight.  Instead of throwing it out, he took the flaky dough (took ‘what is’) and decided to bake it anyway (exploring).  A crunchy  cereal and a business was born.

Take chances – Explore!

Keep your eyes peeled for new technologies.  Don’t necessarily use them for what they’re intended.  Try using them for something else.  That collision of metaphors, of what is and what may be when something is used differently, are fruitful soil for new products and new business opportunities.

What am I playing with now?

I saw the Walabot, and knew I had to get one for my lab.  A cool RF radar technology, seems like it can have myriads of uses.  The company’s website tag is: Create, Play, Discover.

Let’s PLAY with this!!!!!

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Intellifill IV: Combined Technologies = Innovation!

Posted by Plish on November 3, 2008

There are common perceptions that innovative, creative products have to be thought up out of thin air.  On the contrary, great inventions are often the result of combining products or technologies in new and innovative ways.  A perfect example of this is ForHealth Technologies’, Intellifill IV.  This system, designed to minimize medication errors, leverages the combination of several tried and true technologies.  The result is a cool, slick, innovative product that is poised to make some serious waves in the world of medication error prevention by saving money, and saving lives.

  According to their website, the device is poised to deliver:

  • Reductions in medication errors
  • Deployment of pharmacy and nurse skill sets to more patient-focused activities
  • Significant medication-acquisition cost savings
  • Reduction in medication inventories

This type of innovation  underscores the need to become comfortable with technologies from different fields and understanding their nuances.  Only then can they be combined in a new and elegant ways.

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